Roberto Mento

My sea passion was born a long time ago: as a kid, I looked out the window the big boats that were sailing the Strait of Messina, my birthplace. I didn’t understand how they could float … but it was then that I understood everything: one day I would have built and designed them.

My sailing experiences have created a further link with the sea pushing me to undertake studies in Marine Engineering, then the passion became a goal, the goal became a target and now I’m lucky to do as a profession what I love the most.Determination, will power and daring need have made me a person always ready to deepen, in fact I even attended a course in “High specialization fluid dynamics and structural design of hulls through the use of computational methods”.

In NavalHEAD my main tasks involve the on-board systems integration detail solutions study and marine equipment with the structural lay-out, as well as the consequent design choices adopted in compliance with the standards and rules.